Hello You Big Hairy Cock

Thanks for dropping by.
It’s taken me a while to re-build the ‘ole BKM, and whilst not fully there yet, I thought it would be a good time to go ‘live’ as the soon to be infamous ‘King of the Queef’ has now hit the ether.
The main point of this new version of my website is to act as an outlet for my creative genius, as well as sharing rare web finds and things of interest with you (just remember that you are amazing). 
I’m hoping that you’ll take the time to come on board too with your own comments, as well sharing tunes, video’s, crypto currency tips and the perfect mullet hair product.

But wait, there’s more to come…

  • An Online Shop where you can spaz your womp.
  • Infrequent Blog (aglog) posts to delight and shock.
  • Free downloads that make no sense.

In the interim period, I’m very proud to post the first review of my new album.

We are totally loving thepoisoner’s new album

Royal Institute for the Deaf